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Thursday, September 9, 2010

(**Scroll to bottom for WINNERS!)

Why am I so nervous?! As I started uploading this video on YouTube my breathing started picking up. My emotions are always on an extreme. Jose has to constantly remind me to either A) lower my voice, B) breeeeathe, C) slow down, or D) go to sleep.

I'm doing NEITHER of those at the moment! Yes. I am yelling at you guys. That's why I type in caps!! Because you can't see my hands emphasize the words (remember -- I talk with my hands), so I feel the need to capitalize them.

So let me explain. I have chosen my favorite Spain photos that I would be HONORED for you to have as prints. If you're wondering why I'm doing this -- it's really something you're gifting me with. I would never be able to put into words what it feels like to have your photo printed as art or decor in someone's home. Obviously I couldn't pack you up and bring you with me to Spain (plus that would be weird -- honeymoon people!), so I wanted to have pieces that felt like in between moments so YOU could share that moment with me. The dancers in mid-flight, the bull fighter in mid-kill, the Spanish flag ... suspended in pride. It's very scary because it's my work, but that's just part of the growing process. Learning to both succeed and make mistakes.

Here's how it will work: Since I can't just give them all to you, y'all will VOTE on your top three favorites. At the bottom of the video, I will pair the photo with a letter so when you vote in the comments, you can say "A, B, & C" rather than "The blue chair, the dancers, and the black and white photo." Once I've narrowed down the top 3 all-time favorites, I will provide a digital link for you to download the photos, to save, and print for yourself (which will expire in a few days).

Guess what else? I will select a random comment to win a FREE print that will be snail mailed to you! So make sure I somehow know your e-mail address so I can contact you. If we're friends on Facebook, don't worry about it :)

Step One: Watch the Video and make sure to jot down your favorites!!
Step Two: Read my coding of the photos with the alphabet letters & narrow your favorite top 3
Step Three: In the comment section tell me your top 3 via the Alphabet letter
Step Four: Hug yourself. That's from me for participating :)

Step 1: (Watch fullscreen and make sure it's loaded all the way before hitting play!)

Step 2: Photos in order as seen on video
Barcelona Rooftop View- A
Garden Roses - B
Blue Chair - C
Street Flags - D
Bull fighter - E
Spain Flag - F
Flamenco Skirt - G
Flamenco Shop Window - H
Flamenco Dancers - I
Flamenco Feet - J
White Window - K
Martini & Flamenco - L
Barcelona Sparkle - M
B&W Arch - N
Sant Pere (Blue) - O
Sant Pere (Pink) - P
Sky Circular View - Q
Faded Window - R
The Red Fan - S
Courtyard Well - T

Step 3: Let me know your top three favorites! You're not obligated to use the alphabet system, but at least make sure I know which ones you're referring to.

Step 4: *hug* -- Thank you!

**************** WINNERS ANNOUNCED!! ******************

After going on the website to generate a random number --- it chose: Comment 4 & 10! Congrats to Kristen T and Rex!!! If you can please send me an e-mail ( with your address, choose ONE of your top 3, I will be mailing you an 11x17 print of it! Also, I'll e-mail you the JPEG files of your top 3 so you can print the rest of your favorite on your own :)

BUT, that's not all!! Although I am going to post links with the 3 photos I narrowed down for everyone out in blog land to have (which will expire in 7 days!) -- I'm doing something else. For those of you who commented before today, I'm going to PERSONALLY e-mail you YOUR individual top 3 so you can print them on your own too!!! Yay! My personal thank you for participating!

SO... narrowing down 3 from your votes was tricky because 5 of the images tied for 1st place! Haha. I love how everyone has such different tastes!! I decided to give away the following three to blog land: B) Garden Roses C) Blue Chair & Q) Sky Circular View

I might take Rex's idea and turn them into postcards. I'll find out the costs and pick a very reasonable price for those who would be interested. OH! If you print this and put it anywhere in your home, I will designate you as one of the most amazing people I know!! haha. Seriously, I would be thrilled if you could send me a photo of what you did with my print! I might even have a surprise for the first person to do that ;) Cell phone pics are more than welcome!

To download photos:
  • Go to my SmugMug account
  • Select any of the 3 photos
  • Hover of the right side of the image --you will see options to VIEW SIZE of image
  • Select ORIGINAL
  • Huge file will appear.
  • Right click that image and select "Save Image As"
  • Rename the image, keep the .jpg at the end of it, and select a folder for it
And viola! You will have the original size of the images to print to your heart's desire! I'll keep these up for about a week, then take them down. Enjoy :) :)


  1. Okay...I get first pick!

    1) E - Beautiful composition, perfect capture of emotion, and the bull won!
    2) P - I love the color, the angles and the words make it look like a magazine ad.
    3) M - Amazing colors! Its almost surreal + it was our first stop on our honeymoon!

    I hope I win the free go in our house :)

    Love it.


  2. Oh, only make this so hard! *sigh*

    Let's see...I will have to go with:

    1)M - love it...just love it!
    2)Q - I'm a sucker for awesome sky views!
    3)T - It just reminds me of something I'd see in a movie.

    Just so you know I debated for 20 min. on trying to narrow it down to just 3...I want so many of them lol.

    BTW....I so want some of these as magnets to put on my fridge when I move out!...(nudge-put them on DA so I can get me some!) lol


  3. Q) I love unique architecture and I especially love when it is captured in ways that mirror and complement its uniqueness
    F) I love the balance of the saturated blue with the pop of yellow
    R) again a sucker for architecture

    *you should sell these as postcards

  4. G, Q, and S. I think G and S would look awesome together in a grouping.

  5. They are so good Ale!

    My favorites:
    1. R
    2. K
    3. H

    I have a thing for windows and and old buildings. But I really love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you to those who voted so far!!

    Okay.. this is so interesting because y'all are picking such different ones!

  7. 1. J (I can't even begin to tell you how much I
    LOVE this one)
    2. B
    3. C

    Thank you for sharing these with us! I like all of them, so I ended up picking the ones that look the most like "me" and would fit in the best with my decorating style :)

  8. Ale, once again beautiful!

    Here is my top 3:

  9. These are all beautiful, but my top 3 are definitely A, C & M. M is my favorite favorite though :D

  10. My faves are B, C, and S for sure. I also loved Q, but the 3 I chose were my faves. =)

  11. Oh oops, I didn't put them in order. My faves in order are C, B, S.

  12. HOORAY! An Ale original to hang in my house! :)
    Thanks so much!

  13. Oh oops, I didn't put them in order. My faves in order are C, B, S.

  14. Ale, once again beautiful!

    Here is my top 3:



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