Le Secret d'Audrey - A Paris Elopement Film

Monday, February 23, 2015

If you count the day that Audrey first contacted me, this has actually been a year in the making.

The story? Oh, that's been in my head for the longest time. I will always gravitate to a love story. But an elopement in Paris?!! ... I could barely wrap my head around this. Audrey and I communicated over e-mails and long distance calls. I remember when I first heard her French accent over the phone I could BARELY contain myself. I'm such a dork!!

Actually, after hearing her voice - it immediately occurred to me that we needed to incorporate her speaking in French. Her target market is American brides and if *I* was freaking out about her accent, can you imagine listening to her speak in French?!

And that's how it all started. I filmed on the plane, the story tucked away in my head, anticipating other moments to film while Jose and I made a trip out of it. In the car, I filmed the buildings, the people on the street, even the noises in the cafe. Though I had an idea of the story, I needed to have enough content with me to give me options when I went home.

Audrey teamed up an incredible group of vendors, and when we arrived on set, I knew that day would always, always, always live in me. This truly, no doubt, was a day I dreamed of. After getting back to the U.S., I committed myself to not rushing this film and executing every idea I had. Narrative, voice over, sound effects... all of it. And I know this sounds crazy and dramatic, but this film changed me - it changed me as an artist. I'll have to explain another day.

Here it is guys, my heart is in my throat. Turn up your volume, and enjoy...


  1. Welp. This is gorgeous. The best projects always happen when we break our own rules.

    I can't wait to see where you go from here.



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