Office Decor Update

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WHEW!  This weekend was incredibly productive in the Vidal house.  In fact, it was so productive that a DIY project was actually completed.  That's right folks -- toss the confetti this way because a project has gone from being 'pinned' to made in REAL LIFE.  

A paper chain hanging piece....

View the original pin here.  They did an 'ombre' paper chain, and while I was going to originally do that as well... do you know how expensive card stock is?!  The worst part (in regards to this project) is that you can only buy the paper in these LARGE packs.  So one pack of a pink color card stock will be $13 but that's only ONE shade.  If I bought 4 different colors -- that's at least $52 for just paper.  No thanks.

Instead, I found a four-color pack that had gray, tan, mint, and coral -- $13 (and how lucky to have found that beautiful color pack?! I mean, mint and coral?! Holla atcha girl).  Jose had the great idea to make the colors go into a wave vertically instead of horizontally like the original pin...

We partially joked that it was a modern, pastel version of the Mexican flag -- hahaha :)  I love it!!

Halfway through our project I ran out of double sided tape.  We made a quick run to Walgreens where I saw Lady Gaga on the Vogue cover.  I started thumbing through it in line and towards the end they had these heavy pages with these absolutely beautiful collections from Neiman Marcus.  I impulsively had an idea and tossed the magazine with my double-sided tape to scan while Jose raised his brow at me.

My idea: frame the images!!  So after buying some 8x11.5 frames at IKEA, I have framed these magazine images and will have to find a spot for them in my office....

Cheap, easy, and oh so pretty!  Sometimes those are the best projects, right? :)


  1. The wall looks amazing!!!! And yes... you are so right!!!

    1. Thank you! I couldn't believe I was able to find those colors... so that was very exciting :) :)

  2. Incredible office interior decoration update you did there! Thanks much and we look forward to more updates soon!



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