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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm putting together a collection of detail shots from my portfolio for someone, which calls for digging through shoots from this past year and a half.  Since I never mix details from different sessions together, this has been really interesting for me to see.  Different colors, tones, compositions, and scenes.  But despite that they range from commercial, to family, and weddings... I have to say I'm pretty proud of seeing my little feminine fingerprint on each of these images.

p.s.  Guess who just learned how to insert film into her medium format camera?  *thumbs pointing*  This girl right here!  Baby steps, my friend... baby steps.


  1. Lovely! I adore the way you captured the various scenes. Beautiful color all around.

  2. AH! How exciting about your film insert! I tried it for the first time without the youtube help video...but I managed to get it wrong, haha so I had to watch it again. What film are you using?!

    1. Lisa!! You are shooting film!!! That is SO awesome! So, I actually ended up buying the Mamiya 645. It was a hard decision being tempted by the Contax and all. The guy who sold it to me included some Ektar 100 (which is like.. REALLY ... 100 ISO?!). Needless to say I need to get my hands on some 400. I'm thinking Portra (I hear so many good things about this film) or Fuji 400H. What about you?!

    2. That's so exciting!!!! Anthony (my husband) has his Mamiya M645 in Afghanistan. He sent back his first set of film with the Ektar 100 (LOL, I hear ya about the ISO) and I was actually shocked. I loved them - mainly because it was a breath of fresh air from digital. But you know there's a certain kind of romance film captures that digital can't. You can check out his pictures with the Ektar 100 here: http://lisaveephoto.blogspot.com/2012/08/afghanistan-series-vol-iii.html

      He sent 2 more rolls home(Illford 3200 and Velvia) but we think they are lost somewhere in the mail. :( It's been about a month already.

      I have the Contax..I finished two rolls but I'm nervous to send them out because I know for sure I botched at least 5 frames. HAHA, thankfully the developers can't see me turn red with embarrassment! Like you say, "baby steps" haha. I shot with the Fuji 400H because I've heard a lot of great things also (but I'm nervous it might turn into the "fine art" look, which is beautiful, but not my style). So I'm trying different ones. I also finished off Fuji Superia 400 (even though it's economy, I fell in love with its warmth). But just my luck - it's a discontinued film :(

      Can't to see what beautiful work you come up with your new film camera!!! AHHH!!!! :-D



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