Motion Shoot: Leah & Ariana

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These are my thoughts for Imaginale's future...

Pieces of motion + still images from a session = special storytelling. Motion Shoot. Basically the motion would be an *add on* to the portrait session (children, engagement, bella, etc.). Not full film and not your average slideshow.

What would this look like? Glad you asked, cause I've been dying to show you!

(make sure it's loaded all the way! :)

Such a fitting song cause that's what I want to do... turn the whole thing upside down :)


  1. That is sooooo cool. That would be awesome for a wedding too. Too bad I can't afford you :( or you don't live in Dallas.

  2. I feel like I haven't seen these girls in so long! They've grown up so much! Oh and I love the Motion Shoot - although I think it's time I make my debut :)

  3. beautiful! keep up the great work ale. un abrazo

  4. This shoot is the epitome of what makes you an outstanding photographer and artist. Those little girls just melt me. On the pictures where they are looking at the camera, their gaze jumps right out of the screen and into my heart! You created that powerful conduit with those shots. You are such a natural at "guiding" your subjects, as you put it. You don't so much tell them what to do as you simply put them into a context to let their personalities shine through and their actions play out. The addition of the motion shoot to this shoot was a perfect example of how (almost) necessary that it is. There were moments you captured with these girls that needed the addition of the 4th dimension of time to do them justice. I think you are going to refine your use of that tool into something that will really set you up as a leader in field. I'm really excited to see how your work progresses!

  5. Yep, Love this! I cant wait to see you using this for everything.



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