Moving Forward with Your Brand

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you're probably pretty familiar with my process. It's actually very detailed and in depth, but if I had to summarize it - it would go like this: brand homework, brand assessment, storyboarding, team curation, production, and strategic execution. 

I did that exact process for my brand. Because I had to fill out homework for my logo and website (and truthfully, I've sort of always had random stacks of notes about my brand :), I went straight into storyboarding. I made a private Pinterest board and was extremely, extremely particular about what I would pin. I had to clear my head of the things that I loved but I knew weren't true to me. You have to pin with your gut... your honest instinct. And most importantly, I wanted to tap into visuals that reflected my vision moving forward

After curating my team, I set up the shoot. My studio manager was there to capture behind the scene images and even video clips. Before the shoot started, I communicated to her that I really wanted some footage of me engaging with the stylist and makeup artists, as well as me directing the model. Why? Because I really wanted visuals that showed the one thing I know is special to my brand - my connection with my clients. This connection happens when the entire team understands the vision, and sometimes it takes life during the actual shoot. Let me just say - it was OVERWHELMING! And I mean that in the best possible way. The inspiration was everywhere and I had to constantly focus on my vision board to make sure I was nailing my visual objectives for this project. 

Coming home with this content was exciting, a bit daunting, and left me with a buzz. I know I've only shared it in glimpses over the past month or two, but that's what this particular project was called to do - leave a trail of where I have been heading to. In a way, these are my visual footprints that mark my ever growing path. Sometimes we need projects like these that we don't share all at once because they serve a different purpose. It's quite funny actually, to do a brand shoot for myself when my work is based on other's brands. But my message and who I am remains the same: I am a risk-taker, a dreamer who works for other dreamers that will always seek the human connection between a brand and their audience.


  1. You're amazing Ale! I've watched each and every one of your videos over the years and am constantly amazed by how you draw out and communicate the story!



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