Bicycle Beauty

Monday, April 8, 2013

First, let me start off by saying that this dress is actually Becki's mother in law's vintage PROM dress (with a cardigan over it). I mean, are we resourceful or what?!

I teamed up with Sarah Hubbell of Emma Magazine and Becki Crosby of Whippy Cake (model & stylist) to bring to life my version of a Bicycle Beauty. I imagined a beach cruiser (happened to score this hot-pink one from Craiglist. Holla!) and the basket just filled to the brim with flowers. A flowy dress, a vine looking headpiece, and shades of pink.

So back to this prom dress. Oh man - HILARIOUS behind the scenes footage I should have gotten: Prom dress gone a-la-wrong. Fortunately it was towards the very end. I wanted one "last" shot of her biking across this sidewalk (I quote "last" because when is it EVER your last shot?!) and right at the END of the shot I look up from my camera to find the bottom of the prom dress completely tangled into the bike breaks and chain!! After our failed attempts to get Becki unstuck to this bike, I call Jose to the rescue. My husband shows up with his tools and I am like "well, hello good looking." Haha. No seriously, this guy took apart the chains and managed to rescue the dress. 

Jose - thank you for being that guy ;)

And a thank you to Jenn of Mignonne Handmade for the gorgeous head piece.


  1. That head piece is to die for, and the cardigan reminds me of a vintage (thrift store) scarf I have. Really beautiful!
    Are you still thinking you might be in Atlanta sometime soon? Kira and I were talking about it last week.

  2. I love Becki. She is such a doll. Seriously. Your inspiration was stunning!

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    1. I love the photography it is so beautiful I love the head dress dress and cardigan but wonder where I can buy them from as it's just the look I want I would be very happy if you could help
      Many Thanks

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