Bella: Feminine Story Telling

Thursday, February 7, 2013

You guys, I am slightly freaking out. I'm leading a class on the 18th at an event here in Phoenix called REMIX (ladies join me!!). I'm honored ... really, I am. I love teaching.  However, the thought of speaking for 45 minutes does make my palms perspire just a little.

Class full of women with different photography levels.


I dug deep into what strength I felt I had that I could share with them.  What is MISSING from images regardless if someone used a phone or an SLR.

A STORY. Photos that make you feel something. And so, the art of storytelling lecture is born. And let's just say staring at a blank Power Point screen is about as overwhelming as learning to keep a mint plant alive (seriously? anyone else especially good at killing plants?).

That being said, I leave you with the lovely Audree and a shoot focused on my love of feminine story telling...

Oh! And in case you missed her video last time (this was a Motion session), you can see it HERE!


  1. Ooo, wish I could go to your class! Your work is so lovely!

    Also, I am pretty good at killing plants too... my poor succulent died after a couple months :(

  2. Thanks girl - wish you could too!

    Oh no, haha. That sounds just like me :D

  3. Your photos are very beautiful! I also wish I could take your class. :)

    I had a succulent die after a few months too. After having it inside with no sunlight for weeks and weeks, I put it outside for a couple of days thinking it would be good for it. But the Texas heat provided too much for it. Wish I had more of a green thumb because plants can be lovely.

  4. The class was amazing! You did AWESOME and I was definitely inspired to pick up that camera! "Drama 1!"



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