Bella: Shades of Pink

Monday, September 24, 2012

We sat in my office, music blaring, and within 5 minutes she was looking like a lion...
You have to trust me, I said as we laughed at the sight of her hair.  But of course, there's no question Ana would trust me.  It's that type of vulnerability and trust that allows me to capture Ana this way.

So I covered my (inflatable) mattress with fabric and knew it was time to make magic again :)

I'm pretty sure the little girl inside of me was fist pumping throughout this entire shoot.  Shades of pink, flowers, crazy hair?  Heck yeah ;)


  1. I love popping into your blog because I know I'm guaranteed to see some pretty. :) Your attention to detail and consistent style inspire me!

  2. I love how you get Ana's beauty to blossom like a flower. It's as if the pictures exist because the sight demanded to be captured not because you were trying to photograph it. These pictures are why photography exists. Perfecto senoras!



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