Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heading to Sedona for the first time with Jose since we moved to Phoenix today!  Sedona is up north a couple of hours and the weather drops about 15 degrees from the Phoenix average.  And guess what else there is? GREENERY.

My sweet friend Kim visited me from Atlanta this week and I remember driving by this neighborhood with tons of trees and my face was glued to the window thinking: I need to shoot here!  I proceeded to tell Kim how finding greenery in Phoenix is always an exciting moment -- especially for photographers.  Basically if we had girl scout badges in photography -- greenery would be one of them.

While packing, I ran around the house barefoot and snapped these in my newly painted toes...
Time to zip up that little suitcase and get on the road!


  1. Have a wonderful trip, you guys! I love Arizona! :-)



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