Outfit Chronicles: Classic and Feminine

Thursday, February 16, 2012

pants + belt: Zara, top: thrifted, necklace: F21, shoes: F21, watch: Hello Somebody

There are days when I ask Jose to do an Outfit Chronicles shoot of me and he will ask me: "well, what's special about this outfit?"  And I used to feel bad about it until I remembered that he's not a female.  He won't notice the leopard heels I coordinated with my brown belt, the chunky white watch, and how I tucked my shirt in.  "Special" in man's mind is ... well, I don't really know. 

But let's not hate on my hubs right now because we had the sweetest Valentine's date yesterday.  After giving me this beautiful card (I'm telling you, the man has a way with words)....

He proceeded to gift me a coupon book!!  And now, I remember reading about those in the magazines or articles that talked about "Ideas for your Sweetheart" and laughing at the idea. BUT.  Hold the teasing, cause guess who already used one of her coupons?!

We got home from dinner last night and as he said "babe, don't forget to prep the box to return your shoes."  For whatever reason I had no energy to do it and I slowly smiled and said "orrrr... how about you prep it?"  And pulled out my coupon book!!  People, he literally gifted me the book 3 hours earlier and this girl is CASHING IN!  To which Jose said, "what?? you want to use it on this?? are you SURE?"  And you see, that's the difference between Jose and I.  I didn't have to meditate on the value of using my coupon now, if I should save it for later, or if I should just do it myself.  I didn't over think it, I simply handed him my coupon.

I have to say, those magazines were right.  Genius idea on the coupon book!  I'm excited to cash in "coffee date" and the "home-made dessert" one :)

Anyway, I'm leaving for Vegas in 2 days!  This will be my first trip to WPPI -- the largest Wedding and Portrait convention in the States.  I'll be driving up solo on Saturday but meeting with my Texas friend Brittany Oswald and girls that I've never met before too!  The lovely Denise will be riding back to Phoenix with me.  It's going to be quite an adventure.  I'm definitely nervous, but mostly just super excited ;)


  1. OMG...Awesome, awesome outfit!! And, your make up was perfect, too!! I love the watch (coral!), but I think another "softer-looking, more feminine, less chunky/blocky" watch would have gone better. The outfit to me says: delicate, feminine and the watch doesn't. But, otherwise, I LOVE IT! :) <3

    1. Thank you! You know, watches are always a challenge for me. Because I have such small wrists, chunky watches look VERY chunky on me! :) I've kept my eyes peeled for smaller watches.. I definitely want one!! Though I'm definitely enjoying having a chunky one too. I'd love a gold, slender one :) :) Something about pairing gold and pink just makes my heart soar, haha. Thank for the input!

  2. O my gosh Alejandra! This is exciting! I'll be praying for you to have a safe and successful trip. Don't be nervous!:)



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