Fashion: Hannah Sutton -- Phoenix, AZ

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Hannah and I did 2 looks. One dark, one light. Light -- well, that's very typical of me. Dark? Depends on how you define it. In my case, I wanted to approach it very edgy, sharp, with a focus on high-fashion (rather than lifestyle).

You'll notice on this first set that it's dusk -- meaning we did this look last. I'm showing it first because it has a softer approach (which you might expect from me). I left the dark set last to show the contrast between the first look and what I was trying to accomplish by doing something edgier.

// LIGHT //

// DARK //

One of my favorites... Hannah and I both love backs :)

I'm a fan of experimenting.


  1. My favorites are the "Light" one on the road looking back and the "Dark" one black and white straight on - beautiful contrast!

  2. Beautiful concept and shoot. I love the ones from light with just her eyes (first row) and just her feet and the white dress. For the dark ones, I love the one with her sitting the grass. The shadows are great!

  3. Hannah is my older cousin. I have not saw her since I was really little because she lives so far away, But she is so beautiful! I aspire to be a model; And maybe since we share the same blood, I could inheret some of her beauty!

    1. Embrace and believe that you have it in you and that confidence will translate beautifully :) So glad I could share these moments with your cousin! Thanks for dropping in :)



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