DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Snowglobe

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm in Texas! At least that's what I figured when I saw all the boots and cowboy hats coming off the plane. Yes, the stereotype is true my friends. Or maybe the airport is just that nostalgic. Anyway, we're going Christmas shopping today so I'm going to make this one short and sweet :) Inspired by the snow globes at Anthropologie and refusing to pay $30 for each, I came up with this tutorial.


I bought all of these little Christmas figurines (penguins, snowmen, trees), the Martha Stewart craft glue, glitter, and snow at Michael's (craft store). The figurines are only a couple of bucks for a bag of 5 in the Christmas craft section where they sell ornament crafts! You can find mason jars at thrift stores, but since I was making 9 (and they need a lid) -- I found a box of 12 at the grocery store.

Step 1 // Hot glue your wooden block to your mason jar lid. Then hot glue your Christmas figurines on top of that block.

This is basically serving as a base (and adding height) to your Christmas figurines. We happened to have 1x2 wood from Home Depot that Jose cut into little blocks. If you don't have (or want to buy) this, you can just use crumpled paper.

So glue your scene to this wooden block (or glue it to the crumbled paper that is securely glued to your jar lid).

Step 2 // Tear strips of notebook paper (or even better, white printer paper)

Step 3 // Hot glue the little strips around your wooden block to hide it

It'll look like this..

Step 4 // Cover your paper with a light coat of glue. Then add your frosty snow! It won't always stick perfectly, but that's okay! Tip: toothpicks are a great help when/if your fingers are covered with glue.

I also found these gold toned pine cones at Michaels. They're great for a more refined look. Just depends on how playful you want your snow globe to look :)

Step 5 // Drip your craft glue on to the bottom of your mason jar. Take a brush and make sure the entire bottom is coated along with some of the edges. Fortunately my hand was able to fit inside the mason jar so I used the same glue brush.

Step 6 //
Sprinkle your glitter and swivel your jar to make sure the entire bottom is coated.

Let it sit this way for a few hours along with your bottom lid. I made the mistake (due to an overdose of Christmas spirit) of immediately closing my jar. The next day when I opened it, the glue was insanely STRONG smelling. It's because I didn't let it air dry.

Plus, it helps to let the glue in your jar dry with the glitter instead of dumping out the excess immediately.

After a couple of hours (or the next day), flip it over, dust out the excess glitter, and screw on your lid!

I know, I didn't talk about the hanging pine cone. But it's ridiculous to get that thing on there and not really necessary :) I glued some fishing wire around the pine cones and squirted some hot glue at the base then literally STUCK MY HAND inside the jar to press the wire against the glue. I yelled many times in the process, burning myself 3 times at least. I made 9 of these for my party and I think I only put the hanging pine cones on 4 of them.

There's no need to be ridiculous. With or without the hanging pine cones, they'll add a kiss of whimsy to your Christmas either way ;)

Happy Holiday Monday! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)


  1. This is really an ingenious idea. Love it!

    ... the photography was also superb ;)

  2. These are great, but do you think it's possible to add water/glitter to the jar? I like the idea of it swirling around the figurines..

  3. Are there any substitutes to the craft glue



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