Bellas: Jasmine Vidal Native Fashion

Monday, July 25, 2011

I don't know if you've noticed that this has been the summer of Native American wear. And seeing as how I live in the desert... this has been quite fitting.

We went with two looks for Jasmine. The first is a more edgy, punkier Native American interpretation:

And the second -- a softer, bohemian interpretation:

I wish you could see the bottom right one in print. I ordered a metallic print and the colors are amazing -- one of my favorites!

What has been your summer clothing selection? I've been all over coral and recently getting into bright nail polish colors. And by bright, I mean neon. Go ahead, judge. My husband already did! Which will be opposite to what I hear is making a comeback this fall... KHAKI. Say what?

I might be making that up. Let's hope so cause khaki and I are like Spice Girls making a reunion tour with N'Sync. Just not right. But possibly interesting.

Your thoughts on khaki? Hope you enjoyed our rendition of Native American fashion. Happy Monday!


  1. That's my sister! You two are so awesome's like you're letting out all of the times you wanted to play dress-up as a kid but couldn't because you had brothers :). Anyway - love it!

  2. My summer fashion?
    • Maternity pants
    • Long, blousey shirts or sundresses to cover the big'o belly – empire waist to still show off the new figure ;-)
    • flat shoes to help the poor balance and swollen feet
    • cute necklaces (usually long and beaded or short and chunky) and hair flowers to still feel a little feminine.



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