My volleyball incident

Monday, January 17, 2011

If you were sitting behind me, this is what you'd see...

A stylish brace on my wrist.

So, Jose and I play volleyball every Sunday and I have literally punched someone's fists before, dove into the sand for a ball, and returned what felt like a bullet of a ball hitting my wrists. While I've woken up with bruises and insanely sore arms, I've never really hurt myself.

I even started wearing socks IN the sand to avoid this...

This past Sunday there was NO incident that made me think "this will leave a mark." However, few hours after the game, I was getting ready for bed and felt a sharp pain on my wrist that made me think it wasn't the typical soreness. Then this morning, I was rolling over and suddenly shot up, screaming in pain. I had pushed off my left hand and knew immediately it was my wrist.

After a visit to CVS and consulting the pharmacist, I got this brace that feels SO good. It should apparently heal the sprain as long as I wear it for a few weeks. Needless to say I'll be wearing it to play with too!

Jose was off work for MLK Day today, so we enjoyed a lazy Monday. I wanted to give you guys a head's up for my next post: The Ceremony. The emotional walk I was NOT prepared for, nor expecting!

p.s. Jose and I watched "The Town" with Ben Affleck tonight. Not really a chick flick or super romantic movie, right? Well, the first song that plays at the end, during the credits, sounded so beautiful that we started slow dancing. I know, I KNOW. You may throw up now. Here's the even funnier part... the song is called "Jolene" but it sounded like "Don't Leave" when we were dancing!! I'm SO bad at lyrics!! Hahaha.

Anyway, if you ignore the lyrics and just listen to the song, you MIGHT understand. A funny moment, but it was so spontaneous and amidst the irony of it all... still felt so romantic in that peculiar way :)


  1. Okay, nothing against that song, but as far as I'm concerned, "Jolene" has already been taken as a song title. And I was cracking up thinking that you guys had danced to the real "Jolene."

  2. Who sings the real Jolene? The one in "The Town" is sung by Ray Lamontagne and when I looked up the lyrics I was like "really?! how did I miss that?!"

    OMGosh... wait, a quick google search revealed Dolly Parton. Is that who you mean?! LOL.



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