My Fashion Ode to Dexter

Monday, January 31, 2011

It's no secret... I'm obsessed with Dexter. Yeah, yeah... I'm on that bandwagon. But you guys ...there's a REASON there's a widespread obsession with this show. It is truly that good.

By the way, I am only on season 3, so don't even think about spoiling anything. Apparently my brother (who is also on season 3) read something online that gave away a HUGE plot line from season 5 by accident and described the experience like "someone just told [him] Santa isn't real." Pretty brutal, huh? Possibly dramatic.

Anyway, my favorite character is Debra Morgan (Dexter's sister). Her character almost ALWAYS wears a button up and she tucks it into her pants like so...

Sometimes she'll tuck a (casual) flannel into dress pants. I was inspired by the combination of formality and casualness, and tucking in of the shirt.

However, I wanted to add the Ale flair. I don't have a badge, but I can replace it with my accessories ;)

My re-interpretation of Debra Morgan...

I got the long sleeve at Ross, vest was thrifted, pinstripe pants from Melrose, and shoes from payless!

It was fun re-interpreting a TV show character and might do it again sometime :) Any suggestions?! And can I get a shout out from my fellow Dexter watchers? I know I'm not alone!!! :) Hopefully I did Debra Morgan some justice.


  1. Looking awesome, as always! Pat on the back to your photographer though...really good work ;)

  2. Sexy mama! Cute outfit. So funny because I literally was JUST telling my mom TODAY about how I love the button-down shirt tucked into pants look. I just intend to lose..I dunno, 30lbs? lol...before I feel good about pulling that off. Speaking of, must get ready for my walk. Miss you!

  3. Ha! Yeah, I wanted to wear a button up (and not just a long sleeve), but they're not long enough to be tucked in. But just tucking a shirt into dressy pants was fun :) Miss you too chica!

  4. Wow! You really pulled it off! I was uncertain if I was going to like what you came up with when I started reading this post. I never tuck in my shirts and couldn't imagine liking how it looked. But you make it look fabulous! Your look is reminiscent of Ale's but more trendy. :)

  5. Thank you Michelle!! The thing is that it HAS to be a relatively fitted shirt. I've tried it with some flannel shirts, but they end up getting too bulky around the waist and end up losing my shape. Just gotta work your way around some trends, haha ;)

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